The Division 2

2019 is wrapping up, so we are going to take a look back at some of our favorite games of the year. This time with our favorite open-world games from 2019, now keep in mind a lot of games came out this year that was kind of like hybrid open-world Metroidvania stuff falling orders maps are massive seller Metro Exodus we tried to focus on the ones that had one or two solely large open sandbox environments. We always have to have a disclaimer these are our personal choices here at the game ranks office we’re going to disagree, so we’re curious to hear what yours are down in the comments anyway let’s get begun with a number.


Now, this was an experimental project. It’s available only on PC, but mostly what it is kind of like a big open world superman’s simulator. You are a super-powered being who is, you know. In quotes, not Superman, but you still have a lot of things at your disposal from powers and of course flight and a surprising amount of destruction. Honestly, it’s fun. Is it an epic, massive open-world triple-a game? No not at all is it a fun sandbox superhero game to mess around with for a while yeah absolutely we were surprised how much fun we had with this. We just wanted to put it on more people’s radar, so there it is now next over.

Tom Clancy’s the division 2 

this released earlier in the year and say what you want about the game very divided of course as a games as a service game some people think it definitely lost steam and fizzled out pretty quickly even more so than the first game but whether or not that is the case there is no denying that the division 2 was a marked improvement over the original game by far but the most significant thing what it really scores points for here in our little debate was the fact that the world itself they created was really awesome we said it with the first division but massive entertainment does an incredible job at crafting realistic world they knocked it out of the park with New York City in the original division as it native New Yorkers and now here with Washington DC in a division 2 once again they show that they are really good at building convincing worlds where you run around and shoot people and you know drop loot and stuff like that from the sense of detail to just the scope of the city itself and also the variety that it comes with is really really impressive and made the game that much more fun because of the exploration especially considering it’s a games of the surface game it’s a Ludi shootie raid type of game you don’t really think about investigation but when a game looks and as well as authentic as this that’s why we considered it very curious to hear what you guys think about this one especially if you live in Virginia or Washington DC


A game that you will be sincere we missed the boat on a lot of people asked us to talk about it. It was seemingly really underrated. Still, we didn’t get to it in time, which is unfortunate because by the time we did finally get around to it, we realized. This is an excellent open-world RPG the main open-world serves as a playground for you to create a character in a fantasy role-playing game, that has quite a bit of challenge to it and a lot of appreciation for a more nuanced mechanics more of the more delicate stuff like very very carefully managing you know warmth and cold and hunger and fatigue you can jail the interactions with NPCs are unique. The entire game can play, which is worth pointing out the world of our eye is significant. And the game is exciting, and how it handles death or lack thereof but what it is going to do is make you want to keep exploring the atmosphere is solid the visuals are alright just generally it’s worth checking out if you love fantasy RPGs.

Super land

a game that we’ve recommended quite a few times because it’s a little underrated it’s been flying under the radar. Still, it’s a cool PC adventure game it puts you in a big sandbox world actually because you’re kind of like these small toy objects in a world kind of like think Honey I Shrunk the Kids like you’re down to toy size. You’re dealing with all that stuff there is combat. There is exploration, but the big focus is puzzling. This is first and foremost a puzzle game. It’s an incredibly satisfying one; it’s all Metroidvania style. Still, it is in first-person, and that gives you kind of like the sense of size the sense of scale, here for you is a tiny object in a massive real world it was also made by like one person who is also really impressive when you look past the flaws what you do see is just a creative and challenging first-person puzzle game with a perfect world sighs that makes you want to explore it thanks to those Metroidvania elements honestly it’s a weird one we like to throw a weird ones on these types of lists to kind of shake it up and not just have the conventional stuff.

The outer wilds 

The outer wilds which seem like here at the office are a couple of our guys is the most favorite game of the year without spoiling it. Maybe the elevator pitch out. Or wild is kind of a thing no man’s sky but a little more of an indie feel with a little bit more of a constrained focus on storytelling world-building and mystery and atmosphere. Although it is smaller in scope than some other space games we have seen, there is a lot here you’re free to hop in your shift and fly around wherever you want your land on a planet. You have the freedom to walk the whole distance of a world virtually, so it’s kind of open-world exploration and a lot of unique ways. Still, the game has so much charm to it in so much unique atmosphere and vibe and just cool-looking space alien characters that you can’t help. Again, kind of like getting sucked in by it, you know that to us is the mark of a good world or, in this case, worlds, so that’s why please, we recommend checking out the outer wilds.

Rage 2 

Rage two, which yes that released this year, it seems to have flown by, when you think about it, they did build a damn good world here taking place after the events of the first rage game and improves things here with just way more exciting and focused shooting with a bunch of powers that you can level up and earn your way towards and some creative guns and vehicles. Still, the actual world itself the world of Rage 2 is massive, and you can traverse it in a variety of different ways from motorcycles cool post-apocalyptic trucks and also hovercraft not only that they also did a excellent job of not just making it like oh the end of the world it’s all a desert-like Mad Max they have a lot of variety here there are forests there are swamps there are different types of deserts I was genuinely surprised like how much I wanted to keep progressing through this world to see what it’s got. There is quite a bit like I said the sense of scale here. It does feel massive, mainly because you’re traversing it all by vehicle. Still, thankfully the in-betweens the little stop-off points are very fun, and exciting rage 2 is not the best game the year by far, but we just wanted to give props we do like the world the crafted.

The outer world 3

It’s a game that we keep mixing up and saying the outer wilds and vice versa it’s a thing when you talk about a lot of games, but the outer worlds are worth pointing out because we’ve highlighted it before it was one of our most anticipated games of the year it certainly lived up to expectations and it’s just a really exciting universe to explore you know the game is divided up into planets it’s not one massive sandbox but still some of the worlds that you explore are very large, so we’re considering it in that way, and honestly this is kind of like the sequel to Fallout New Vegas we’ve always wanted to be set in space this is the type of game where you definitely want to explore every corner of your environments and every interior and stuff like that because there is so much loot there is so much to discover but not only that just really finding and learning about the world is all the fun obsidian really built something unique here just with this like corporately controlled space future that is incredibly cynical and also hilarious that really like every inch every document you pick up every new weapon you look at every can of food has some unique charm to it some work put in some writing put in for describing it and we just really really appreciate that stuff and it really kind of heightened the outer worlds exploration elements and we wanted to point that out expect the outer planets to pop up on a lot of game of the Year lists because I it’s it’s definitely a good one.