pubg pc lite

PUBG PC Lite:-    One of the best online multiplayer or surviving shooting game PUBG has a compressed version called PUBG PC lite, and this game is still in beta version. Following the PUBG PC game PUBG Lite bringing so many updates quickly and this time, we are going to get the vikendi map. According to the history of PUBG, they took more than one and a half to 2 years to bring the vikendi map and PUBG lite, doing it so fast to give us the same experience as the main PUBG. 

PUBG PC Lite official uploads a teaser also on youtube, but not the exact date when can we play the map. PUBG PC Lite already has three popular maps like erangel, Miramar, and sanhok, but the most playing map is erangel. PUBG Lite official also tweets about new about, and also pre-register for vikendi rewards, those rewards will be guns skins and costume, for your kind info those wouldn’t be white.

If you are going to play this game, make sure you have checked the minimum system requirement of PUBG PC Lite. This game indeed needs a cheap system requirement, but you must check.