PUBG always thinking better and new something else than previous . PUBG new and big update to change the Ranking system and rank Title or remove one title . This is a beta update and PUBG Corp. are still working for new ranking system and ranking title . 

Beta Season 2 Title System

New ranking system is based on your personal growth and  placement will decide opponent. In this exiting season we play with Rank Point(RP) , but this will changed with Survival Point (SP). 

Current Ranking system 

In this current ranking System there are 8 Title , Rank promotion and Demotion are decide for your ranking point . 

PUBG New Ranking System Details

In current ranking system it’s easy to be go on Grandmaster  for your ranking position , no matters of hits points , just stable in top 10 position on most matches.

New ranking System 

Upcoming ranking system come with 7 Title , Rank Promotion and Demotion depend on you ranking and your survival point . 

PUBG New Ranking System Details

In this ranking system you will not get master title , and change the Title and SP point ( Rank Point Change to Survival Point). In current system you get Grand master with 2000 RP , new system change with Lon Survivor . 

  •  BRONZE Title (1-1399 RP)  change with BEGINNER Title (1-999 SP)
  • SILVER Title (1400-1499 RP) change with Novice Title (1000- 1999 SP)
  • GOLD Title (1500-1599 RP) change with EXPERIENCED Title(2000-2999 SP)
  • PLATINUM Title (1600-1699 RP) change with SKILLED Title(3000-3999 SP)
  • DIAMOND Title (1700-1799 RP) change with SPECIALIST Title (4000-4999 SP)
  • ELITE Title(1800-1899 RP) change with EXPERT Title (5000 SP )
  • GrandMaster (1900-2000 RP) change with LON SURVIVOR Title (6000 SP)

According to new ranking  system, Only 1000 players can be acquire LON SURVIVOR title . When you reach the needed SP for LON survivor , you can earn more SP .

In new beta  season lobby going to be awesome , you can see your teammate Survival Position .

PUBG New Ranking System Details

Always we are expecting some new thing about outfit skins and more in PUBG and they try their best for giving more attention for this .In new season we will get survivor rewards . Once you reach level / title you will get your survivor  rewards. 

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