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NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Review

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The RTX a series back in October and then it later on continued with a Indies launch of the RX 590 and then the Iranian seven and now it’s invidious turn again but in a very different way that people are expecting so these are examples of the gtx 1616 TI , gtx 1000 series is making a comeback and super stoked about that now what exactly it’s a gtx 1660 TI.

In short what NVIDIA has done is taking the touring architecture from the RT X cards and cut out both the tensor and RT partitions what we’re left with is what’s called a tu 1 1 6 which is GPU core without any r-tx features so forget about running things like DL SS or ray-tracing however it uses the brand new touring architecture with a 12 nanometer manufacturing process so shady performance is loads better than a gtx 1060 for example the cool thing here is that along with the turing architecture enhancements the gtx 1660 TI also gets its enhanced n VNC encoder and NV dec decoder capabilities that’s a pretty big deal for streamers the reason for the lack of r-tx features on the 16 60 TI brings us back to what Dimitri said when he was testing out battlefield 5 right now ray tracing and other AI operations take a ton of resources even with the tensor and RT course helping out and that means lower end graphics cards would be able to offer a good gameplay.


Experience and guess what that’ll cause some of invidious key technologies to be only available for people who are willing to spend a big chunk of money on these expensive RTX GPUs and I wonder how that’ll affect RTS game development probably not that well now for my specs and pricing standpoint the GTX 1660 Ti sits right in between the GTX 1060 6 gigabyte and the RT X 2060 it’ll start up $280 and as 1536 CUDA cores and 6 gigabytes of 12 gigabits per sec GDD our sex memory operating over 192 bit memory bus it’ll start at $280 which happens to be $30 more than what this 1060 launched but it’s $70 less than the lowest-priced. RTX 2060s do note that nvidia won’t have a Founders Edition on this one though as for clock speeds the reference boards will have a booth speed of 1770 megahertz the EVGA gtx 660ti XE Black Edition that I have over here hits those reference speeds and also invidious 280 L our starting price we actually saw its boost frequency hit 1880 megahertz pretty regularly though the MSI gaming X version is a different beast on the other hand it comes pre overclocked and with a pretty hefty 310 price tag but it’s levelled out around 1950 megahertz in most games so expect a few FPS improvement the problem might be its price since $310 puts msi really close to lower priced RT x 2060 cards but don’t forget the 2060s boot speeds are only around 1700 megahertz.

So it’ll be interesting to see how closely MSI 1660 TI can get speaking of the msi card I actually like its looks a lot more than EVGA s honestly I don’t know what EVGA was even thinking with this triple of slot design the gtx 660ti is supposed to be an efficient card which would make it perfect for ITX cases and while most of those can handle a card as long as the gaming X the triple slot ebj monster could face some serious mounting and ventilation issues I also like the stealth black and grey finish on the MScard and the best part is that it comes with a backplate that looks absolutely gorgeous and you know this would fit in perfectly for a completely stealth lookin build that doesn’t really you know pop out that well and I appreciate that now the ironic thing here is that when testing both of these cards they both hit a constant temperature of 64 C unde load but the single EVGA fan needed to spin at faster speeds and that resulted in louder acoustic performance. while it’s trying to push enough air through the ultra thick heatsink.

These cards are really efficient even though they operate at higher speeds and have a lot more course than the GTX 1060. The gtx 660ti is a pretty interesting card especially against the RX 590 remember even thoug that you can find at rx 594 around $26 it was launched only a few months ago for $280 right now it looks like the $280 EVGA card is a much better value overall than what AMD is offering most of the time it actually hangs right in with a bag of 56 against the Nvidia cards the gtx 660ti looks pretty good too it’s easily 25 to 40 percent faster than the GTX 1060 but make sure you keep in mind that the card starts at $200 so if you’re looking to save a few bucks that could be a good route to actually if you want to draw a parallel the GTX 1660 TI performs a lot like a slightly overclocked – gtx 1070 but it does fall behind a bit at 1440p due to its smaller memory footprint the most interesting thing here about these results is how closely the pre overclocked MSI gaming X gets to the RT X 2060 founders Edition especially when you’ve lower 1% of frame rates are compared sure there are times when the Arctic’s 2060 is able to pull way ahead and the 16 60 TI doesn’t really have any Arctic’s features the only problem with the gaming X is its price it only offers 3 to 5% more performance than EVGA card but it costs $30 more.

I don’t think that’s worth it but I don’t really like th EVGA design either I’d rather find a 1660 TI that goes for round 2 earned $80 and offers a cleaner double slot cooler take your gaming experience to the next level with Corsairs new harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse with its advance slipstream wireless technology experienced hyper fast sub 1 millisecond connection speeds along with dynamic RGB lighting for some extra Flair check out the harpoon Wireless end links below well guys that about wraps things up and I have to say that the gtx 660ti is a pretty exciting card provided you can find one at $280 but it also raises a huge number of questions Nvidia has been beating their r-tx jumpfor months now so to suddenly see a card without it feels a bit weird not only that but based on what we’ve been told RTX features won’t be available on any card that they launch for under $300 so that’s basically a huge percentage of their customers that won’t be running a compatible GPU now since ray tracing and some AI is just a lot harder to run I completely understand why Nvidia is doing this but convincing developers to build RTX enable games might have just become a lot harder but ignoring RT acts and taking the gtx 660ti for what it is i’m pretty impressed with a bit of overclocking you can get very close to RTX 2060 performance for about $70 less sure the 2060 does provide a bit more consistent performance across every title especially at 1440p but it’s now become really hard to recommend the gtx 660ti is just hard to beat and it actually makes the RX 590 completely overpriced. now just watch out for the MSI gaming X because it is very expensive and for what you’re getting the gain is just very minimal so that pretty much wraps up the gtx 660ti performance review .


Review BY : HardwareCanucks

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