We are finished almost all popular video games of 2018 and now we looking forward for 2019 video games . 2018 gave us so many exciting video games in RPG , FPS , Actiong and so many types of games . Now we are going to check out 2019 most Exciting games.u00a0

Resident Evil 2 Remakeu00a0

Resident Evil 2 Remake is developed by Capcom R&D Division 1 and Published by Camcom . Resident Evil 2 will be release on 25th January 2019 .u00a0

u00a0Resident Evil 2 was released for playstation in 1998 , then came resident evil 4 in 2015 and the developer decide to remake of resident evil 2u00a0 for PC , PlayStation4 and Xbox One .u00a0The aging zombie franchise has had many sensible years. This full remake is adopting Resident Evil 4u2019s over-the-shoulder camera, and every one the environments ar 3D instead of pre-rendered.

Far Cry : New Dawnu00a0

Far Cry New Dawn is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft . This first person shooter game will be release on 15th February 2019u00a0 foru00a0

Rage 2 would love a word with you, Far Cry. Hope County went up in nuclear flames seventeen years ago, thus itu2019s up to a replacement band of freedom fighters to battle against roving road warriors crystal rectifier by twin sisters. Base-building, weapon-building, and therefore the probability to go to areas of the yank wilderness outside Treasure State around the new options out.u00a0

Dive into a remodeled spirited post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana, seventeen years when a world nuclear catastrophe.Join fellow survivors and lead the fight against the damaging new threat the Highwaymen, and their unpitying leaders The Twins, as they get to require over the last remaining resources.

Metro Exodusu00a0

Metro Exodus is developed by 4A Games and publishedu00a0 by Deep Silver.u00a0 4A Game decided to release this game at 15th February 2019 . Metro Exodus isu00a0 a first persor shooting game with survival horror and stealth. Metro exodus is a single player mode game and available for PC, PS4, XboxOne .u00a0


Anthem Developed by BioWareEdmonton And published by EA Comapny . Anthem is a third person shooter and Role playing game . This game will be release on 22 February 2019 and available for PC, PlayStation ,Xbox One. You can able to play single-player mode and multiplayer Mode .u00a0

Devil May Cry 5u00a0

Devil May Cry 5 is developed by Capcom and Published by Camcom Company . This is a action-adventure single and multiplayer game . Available for PC , PS4 , Xboxone on 8 MArch 2019.u00a0

The Devil you recognize returns during this greenhorn entry within the extraordinary action series out there on the PC . Prepare to induce downright infernal with this signature mix of high-octane unreal action and transcendental & original characters the series is thought for. Director Hideaki Itsuno and also the core team have came back to form the foremost insane, technically advanced and totally unmissable action expertise of this generation!

The Division 2u00a0

The Division 2 is Developed by Massive Entertainment and Published by Ubisoft Company . The Division 2 is multiplayer online gameu00a0 available for PC ,PS4 and XboxOne , will be release on 15 March 2019 .u00a0

This is a Third Person Perspective game ,take place in Washington D.C.u00a0Save a country on the brink of collapse as you explore associate degree open, dynamic, and hostile world in Washington, DC. This is au00a0 Player Versus Player gameu00a0 , player with friend with opponent player .u00a0

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twiceu00a0

Sekiro : Shadow Die Twice is developed by FromSoftware and Published By Activision . This is an action -adventure game available for PC, PS4 , XboxOne on 22 March 2019 .u00a0

Sekiro: Shadows Die twice is upcoming action-adventure game compete from a third-person view.Although compared to FromSoftware’s Souls series, the sport options no role-playing parts, like character creation, classes, and instrumentality upgrades, still as having no multiplayer parts. If the player character dies, they need the choice of being revived on the spot below sure conditions rather than respawning at earlier checkpoints.

Rage 2 is a First Person Shooter game and this is developed by id Software, Avalanche Studio and Published by Bethesda Softwork. Available on 14 May 2019 for PC, PS4, XboxOne.u00a0

Players assume management of ranger Walker, Players area unit given management over a number of Walker’s attributes, like their gender, skills, or attire. Walker is ready to wield numerous firearms and tools to fight against enemies, as well as returning weapons like the wingstick . Players will any develop Walker’s skills with nanite primarily based powers such Overdrive mode.Nanotrites from the primary game, that act as special powers and talent boosts, also can be accustomed increase combat potency. the sport additionally options transport combat, with the player having the ability to drive any vehicle within the game’s world.


Control is a supernatural third person action or adventure game . This game has not decide the final release date yet . Control is developed by Remedy Entertainment and Published by 505 Games will be release in 2019 .u00a0