Logitech G703 Review

The g703 hero version now like many of you when Logitech was teasing this, it was the new Wireless G303 or at least with a G303 hero, but we got the G 703 hero. And they did make a couple of changes to this mouse. We are going to be going over what I love about the G 703 hero Edition and why we can think it’s one of the most underrated mics that’s coming out this year.

And the best Wireless or you can buy currently also I want to go over how you can hold this Mouse because I know that hump kills a lot of you guys out there. I found out a way where you can press this and have it be comfortable as a pump user.

Logitech G703 Hero Review

In the Box, they have a Brita charging cable, the G Pro Wireless non-braided cable and then you keep going back to this braided cable that nobody wants. It protects the cord over time but for most people let’s say you have to charge it and you’re in a bind, and you don’t have another Mouse around, and you forgot to charge it overnight.

You’re going to be forced to use this braided cable, and it just sucks, so the G 703 is a right-handed Mouse. It’s got that ergo design where it has grooves on the right side and the left side to kind of force your hands into a more comfortable position, even though the shape and dimensions are the same.

This mouse is twelve grams lighter than the original G703 light speed. So now instead of 107 grams, you are now down 12 grams to 95 grams which are much appreciated, and I think this makes this Mouse the G 703 hero a lot more viable for a lot of people the side grips.

Some of the best in the game if not the best you can quote me on that I’m going on record in saying these are my favourite side grips on any Mouse on the market currently.

So when you have a mouse that’s 95 grams having fantastic side grips helps to negate some of that weight. I can tell the difference with this mouse so after this review I am going to be taking these off as soon as possible and putting on some hyper glides. The mouse one and two are the standards for me.

Logitech G703 Compare 

I compare every Mouse that I get to the clicks of the G703. For the G703 this thing has to be one of the best on the market it’s not so light that you’re going to miss press it, but they’re so bright that you can click heads with easy. They’ve also got these large two side buttons on the side. That’s one thing that I love about the G703 is how easy it is to hit these side buttons the scroll wheel in the past with the old G 403 s and G 703s. There’s a lot of rattles and things like that there’s no rattle here, that’s good now.

I do wish when scrolling the scroll wheel that it was A little bit more defined, it’s a little bit too fast for me. I want something closer, maybe model. On top of the mouse, you’re going to have the DPI button where you can switch your dpi on-the-fly. I usually disable this because I always miss press it and then my mouse cursor or my gun and game goes all over the screen, and it’s not a fun time. So I’ve seen a lot of posts about the mouse hurting your hand or getting cramps.

This mouse works best with claw grip because that hump it really shoots your palm over that hump and then your fingers come down on the mouse one and two and the front of the mouse so for you palm grip users out there. I have a solution that has tried this mouse, and it wasn’t comfortable. So First got this mouse was that I put my palm right where the G was right where that hump was thinking, that was the right place to put it. No that’s not it because that will give you hand cramps and discomfort and you’re not going to like the mouse.

Modify it a little bit so what I was did I put like the top 25% of my hand and I put that on the G and then your hand kind of drapes over the back and then what you’re going to want to do. I find that a 1-3-1 grip works well with this mouse and you have that right ledge on the right side where you can rest your ring finger a little bit and then get an exact aim with it.

I’ve I can game with this mouse for hours, and it is super Healthy. You can use fingertip grip as well with this mouse, but it’s not ideal because it has such a large groove on the left side. I want to recommend the g pro-Wireless for you fingertip grip users out there this is more of a claw palm grip in my opinion.

And it is a medium-sized mouse it could be a little bit on the bigger side but being like a mid-size A mouse, so it’ll work for a lot of people. If you have large hands, you can make it works as well with the grip that I stated earlier the 16 K dpi of the hero the sensor can be changed and the Logitech software it also has a place where you can improve the buttons and customize Those as well you can also custom The RGB on the mouse.

I mean my hands covering my mouth 90% of the time so I Don’t care too much about it but to each their own if you want to change the RGB, you can do that as well. So this new hero sensor is also more power-efficient, so you get 35 hours over The old 24 hours of the original G 703 the light speed you can also use this with the power play pad. But I haven’t had the best experience with it because of the cloth comes up from the substitute. I usually don’t recommend people to get it, and for 35 hours you won’t have to charge this that often.

You’ll be okay just going with the mouse and charging it usual way and using the mousepad of choice that’s going to last you a long time speaking of which not only does the hero perform amazingly in the game it shows on every single surface that you can imagine whether that’s an artisan.

I am so well with this mouse, I feel like I have total control and that Wireless side grips the sensor everything clicks on all cylinders with this mouse, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this mouse to any of you guys out there that’s a Claw or palm grip user with medium to large hands. If you have smaller hands you might want to check out the G pro-Wireless I think that would be a better fit for you like I said I believe with all of the weight hype and all that I think shape and grip take like a back seat, but Logitech has done a lot right with this mouse.

It might seem like oh they’re just trying to make a money grab This thing they’re charging 100 bucks which I think it’s the same price as the old one. I think the old ones maybe like Eighty dollars and this one’s like a hundred bucks so I’m glad that they didn’t go up to the $150 range which they could’ve.

Because they make the best Wireless on the market right now, but they didn’t do that they gave it to us for $100 they lower. The weight to 95 they listen to us on what okay it’s got that same great shape so if you love the original one but maybe the G 703 Lightspeed was too heavy for you, so I think the G 703 hero is going to be the most slept on mouse of the year you can quote me on that.

More About Logitech G703 Test

Logitech G703 Test for Dummies

Logitech is among the leading players in the PC peripheral small business. Logitech appears to get adapted to the hottest trends in the gaming mouse market. Logitech stated that users would have the ability to customize these panels.

If you need a reasonably light mouse, you may use it without the extra weight it brings inside. In this manner, you receive a sufficiently light mouse to do a large assortment of actions in a brief time or a little more cumbersome to attain the broader aim and advance within the game without exposure. Because of this speed, it’s believed to be the best mouse to execute all types of competitions. You’ve got a wireless mouse!! A wireless mouse is finally here one you won’t ever plugin. Besides having the ability to eliminate lag, this gaming mouse also includes lengthy battery life, i.e., up to 32 hours within a charge.

Both mice give the right amount of selections to cater to the particular gamer’s needs. You will need to learn more about these mice to understand if they make Powerplay worth it. The Logitech G703 mouse includes a pack of helpful capabilities. DPI button is a bit more challenging to reach, and I advise assigning only DPI shift or other forms of commands which you don’t use frequently. Also, there are two buttons on the base of the mouse. It gives you the ability to record your clicks over a certain length of time and display them on a heat map. Be aware that should you click on one of these links to get the item, IGN may secure a share of the sale.

 What Logitech G703 Test Is – and What it Is Not

Around the front, you’ll locate the micro-USB charge port, with precisely the same customized shape as the G903. Even in case, you run low on power in the middle of a game; you don’t have to be concerned. Adjusting the brightness can assist with this as well. This cable links to the receiver through a little desk stand, thereby permitting you to obtain easy accessibility to the charging cable once the battery is low in addition to empowering the wireless signal and provide a smoother overall experience. Charging with the POWERPLAY is a small weird if you’re eager to shell out the cash.

The G903 is a bit bulkier and looks a little more meaningful than the G703. It can appear a small plain, but the G703 is the most beautiful wireless gaming mouse on the marketplace. The G703 includes a streamlined appearance and feel that’s guaranteed to please a lot of individuals. Place the G703 and G903 near each other, move them around with the varieties of sweeping motions utilized in low-dpi scenarios, and just a layperson will sense the way the G703 drags in the center. For most gamers, but the G703 is the ideal option. Logitech G703 includes a weight adjustment feature. Logitech G703 is a rather simplistic mouse in regards to buttons.

How to Get Started with Logitech G703 Test?

If you must be somewhere in one hour and don’t plan to select the mouse pad, you’ll most likely want to plug in the G703 directly. At the peak of the mouse, two small buttons are intended to increase or decrease the DPI mouse settings, not to mention you can customize them with the direction you desire. At $99, it’s a little costlier than the years-old Prodigy, although it appears exactly like it on the outside. You can get more valid sound from a headset, but it’ll cost you more than $150. It’s also among the most dependable and safe, to make plays that should be accurate.

Understanding Logitech G703 Test

The pad gives power to the device while playing and also charges the machine as time passes. These surfaces stack on the base because there is not any Freeplay or worry that it is going to slide off. It likely to be the ideal shape for each individual on the planet, but I do strongly encourage you to attempt to find a hold of a true-life model before ordering if you’ve never held this model in actual life. Some sections of the body removable and set based on the integrity of its users. The further weight is 10 grams and is placed into the mouse, to receive a better result. To the contrary, it has discovered that as the pressure of the mouse rises; the precision is going to be better and more accurate moves will be found.

The wireless base comes with rubber texture. The negative side is the tension that created in the hand that, in the very long run, can be exceedingly harmful. If you’ve got large hands that don’t fit average human standards, then you may use it like a fingertip grip mouse too!! Based on how much RGB customization you’ve got, it may take a while to charge the mice completely. Many people believe that the more massive it’s, the better it will work, but this isn’t correct.