Best LED Monitor Under 3000 Zebronics 15.6 Backlit Monitor

Zebronics 15.6 LED Monitor

Full Specification About Monitor

Screen Size: 15.6″ | Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Max. Brightness: 220cd/m² | Pixel Pitch: 0.17925×0.17925 mm | Color: 262k | Input: VGA, HDMI | Response Time: 8ms | Power Consumption: 5 Watts

Do you need a regular use monitor for everyday use? In this post, we are going to talk about the budget led monitor under 3000. To be honest, we do not suggest to buy a monitor under 8000, but in this case, we are caring for the need-based people, who have a money problem and some are a different reason. If you want to use for CC TV screen and need a regular monitor, this 15.6-inch monitor is perfect for you.

Why You Need this monitor?

 Are you a laptop user and your screen is almost dead and you need mobility with your external monitor? Zebronics 15.6 is a cheap led monitor under 3000 INR, but there are three special features. You can run this monitor with just plug-in the USB cable without any power socket, you will get an HDMI port in this incredible cheap price, and the special lust features is the price, Now you can see actually think about the price, there will be so many questions, {hwo it would be?, can i buy this cheap monitor, Will it be work correctly} then My answer is this will fill your almost all basic queries.


This budget monitor connects with HDMI display port, and this is very unexpected in this budget(HDMI PORT). And, to be very honest with you guys you can’t compare the display in this 3000 INR budget. I’m not saying the screen is terrible, but I’m trying to describe to you that if you are looking for high refresh rate monitor, then this is not for you. This monitor is perfect for regular use as your secondary and and connect with your laptop. 

Build Overview:

So can’t expect a thin slim body on this price, if you want a compact body, it’ll be costly, and we have to be happy with the 15.6-inch display. The monitor build material is glossy plastic, but I’m not going to make any complaint about this. Why? Because we have to know what is our price and at this price, this is not terrible. As usual, you can see the menu bar at the front bottom left of the monitor, and the six buttons placed at the back of the monitor.


We always find extra features even at a low price, and we really can’t expect to increase the hight and move up-down the monitor from the stand. But we can do adjust the monitor a little bit vertically, and I’m sure that will be enough for you. From the starting, I’m saying you can’t expect more from this monitor, but if you are a regular user and need a monitor, this is the best choice for you.