Nothing is better than free . We are always looking for free games , sometime we got our needs games and sometimes missed. Free games are faced some problems, when a game complete with a paid games but since some past year we got so many best free game in android with the best graphics , story and gameplay . 

Retro Pixel Adventure

TOP Run : Retro pixel adventure is a 2D endless running game developed by  Katata Games     .This is fun running game with a cool aesthetic. Sometimes it feels impossible to dodge some of the enemies, but still a great deal of fun. The game has everything we love: neon, pixel art, a bit of outrun, tiny piece of synthwave, scanlines, VHS effects.  . 

Top run: Retro Pixel Adventure has three mode and four character . Normal mode is so easy to dodge enemy and not much hard , Hardcore mode is the next difficulty than the normal mode and the rage mode is extremely difficult than other two .  

MR. Bow is a 2D arcade game published by ONESOFT. This single player mobile game is really fun to play on bore time . Two ninja fighting each other and complete the level for more entertainment and hard play . This game has a cool snow effect at background and that make awesome also the has xmas music effect or movement music effect. 


Republique is a action-adventure horror type game  developed and published  by Camouflaj  , released on Dec 19 , 2013 for android  and Feb 26, 2015  for microsoft windows , Republique is also available for IOS , macintos OS, PS4 , Mac OS . 

Republique has a awesome graphics gameplay with a big file size , the game size is 89 MB and some DLC . This is a 3D game with 3D surrounding sound and smooth 3D movement 


Armajet is a 2D action game developed and published by Super Bit Machine . Armajet is a robot with a jetpck character with some flying movement . If you play mini militia you are going to love with this game . This is also multiplayer game , you can  play with your friend . Graphics are so good after the new update also have a better sound . Armajet have awesome guns and after completing level get some color guns skins . 

Garfield Rush 

Garfield Rush is endless running mobile game.After being tricked by a conniving cat named Harry, the player chases when him. As they run, they grab gold coins out of the air whereas at the same time dodging collisions with vehicles and different objects, and might conjointly bestride the highest of the vehicles to appear for shortcuts. 

The player will collect varied things like coins, score, elastic shoes, jetpacks, magnets and booster packs. By swapping speedily as speed will increase, a lot of coins and score is noninheritable . eighteen costumes is unsecured via in-game purchases and players will collect specific things. and characters will eat on lasagna, spaghetti, city pizza pie, hot dogs, burritos, cooked chicken and more!