Key Board and Mouse always are the first choice to PC gaming . But some time some games are make for PC but  better suited to a gaming controller .

 We are going to look at the best quality gaming controller for PC . Like Xbox , Logitech  and steam controller. 


PlayStation DualShock 4 

Weight : 7.4oz  / Connectivity: Bluetooth / Battery: 1000 mAh rechargeable 

It isn’t supposed to be used on the laptop, however the DualShock four is my favorite controller anyway. I’ve used every of its predecessors, the 2 current Logitech controllers, the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R., the Razer saber-toothed tiger, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, and close to each console controller from the NES to gift day. The DualShock four is not superior in each thanks to each one of those competitors, however it is the superior all-round alternative.

Weight: 85lbs  /  Connectivity: Bluetooth  / Battery: 2X AA 

It’s a durable, configurable, and beautiful controller for enthusiasts of fancy. The shell and button layout don’t feel distinct from the vanilla Xbox One controllers, although it feels heavier than most pads I’ve used. i favor a touch of weight in my controllers and mice, however it’d not feel smart on small wrists once an extended play session. The face buttons square measure giant and still mushy, the bumpers associated triggers have a responsive click and pull—they simply feel a twin of victimisation an Xbox One controller.


Steam Controller 

Weight: 63lbs  / Connectivity : 2.4 GHz Wireless / Bettery: 500 mAh Rechargeable or 2XA

The grips ar large, a part of associate intentional protrusive style meant to arch your thumbs over the touchpads well. Problem is, they’re too bulbous and project a small amount too onerous into the heel of every hand. My fingers tense up when many minutes of play, that results in many too several accidental back paddle presses and thumb cramps. It’s unattainable to outright suggest the Steam Controller, even supposing with enough tinkering and patience, it’s a very viable thanks to management a large amount of laptop games from the couch.


Logitech F310 Gamepad

Weight: 4lbs / Connectivity: USB Wired  / Code Length: 6.5 ft 

That said, the d-pad is obscurity close to the standard of the DS4’s—it feels loose and that i had hassle accurately maneuvering in Super Meat Boy. The triggers and bumpers square measure housed on outcroppings that the knuckles of my middle fingers rub against uncomfortably, and therefore the analog sticks, whereas pleasantly live, have a convexity that won’t nice for sweating hands. I additionally found that the triggers provide an excessive amount of resistance. In Grid Autosport, my finger got tired from holding down for the gas, that I did not expertise with the DS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One controllers.