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Best Battle Royale Games

Battle royal games is now become a trend for all the platform and battle royale games are so good . Some are multiplayer and some are not . Multiplayer battle royale is really fun to play you can interact with random player who never know you . We are going to touch some multiplayer battle royal games , which are now trending and most playing in 2019 . 


Developer :   Respawn Enteretainment

Publisher: EA

Release Date: February 4  , 2019

Genre: Action , Shooter

Apex Legend is now most trending game on twitch and all streaming platform . Apex legend become popular in a sort time for interesting gameplay experience  . Apex Legend passed away over  25 million players by end of the first week , and also surpassed 50 million by end of the first month .

Apex Legend is now free to play game with medium-low system requirement   . you can download from origin game store . 


Developer:  Epic Games

Publisher : Epic Games

Release Date: July 25 , 2017

Genre:  Survival ,  Battle Royale

Fortnite battle royale is one of the most popular battle royal game on PC . Fortnite get three awards in 2018 like Teen Choice Awards for Choice Video Games , The Game Award for Best Ongoing Game and The Game Award for Multiplayer Game.    Fortnite Battle Royal game is available for so many device like Android , PlayStation 4 , Nintendo Switch , XboxOne , IOS , Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operation System . 

Fortnite battle royale is free to play game on Epic Games Store . Fortnite have Battle Royal Mode , Save the world mode and recently added Creative mode.

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground



Release Date: dec 21, 2017

Genre:  Action , Adventure  , Multiplayer

PUBG also known as Player Unknow’s Battleground is a 100 players battle royal game . 100 players drop from a plan on the island and loot gears-weapons , and the last survive team will win . PUBG has 4 maps no Erangle , Miramar , Sanhok and recently added vikendi . 

Player Unknown Battle ground is the best selling  game with over 50 million copies on multi platform . PUBG got The steam award 2018  for Game of The Year . 

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 

Developer: Treyarch

Publisher : Activision

Release Date: October 12 , 2018

Genre:  First-Person Shooter , Battle Royale

Call of Duty Black ops 4 is a multiplayer battle royale games , zombies and new battle royale mode called blackout . Black ops 4 has ten specialists , and six ( Ruin , Prophet , Battery , Seraph, Nomad , Firebreak ) are returning characters from balck ops 3 , whereas the other four(Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash) are new additions , all the character are unique with the special ability . 

Call of Duty Black ops 4 won three awards in 2018 for “Best Social Online Game “,” Fan Favorite Shooter Game ” and ” Shooter of the year  ” . COD Black ops 4 is available for Microsoft Windows , XboxOne and PlayStation 4

Ring of Elysium  

Developer: Aurora Studio 

Publisher : Tencent Game

Release Date: September 19  , 2018

Genre:  Action , Free-to play , Multiplayer 

Ring of Elysium is a free- to play battle royale game , this game is too similar of pubg . Sixty player are trapped in a giant snow map , find gears and weapons to survive and the last standing player or team will be win . 

Ring of Elysium is available on steam store free-to play game with a good system requirement . 

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