The trend of battle royale , the battle royale games are become too much popular after releasing PUBG Mobile . Everyone wants to play Battle Royale games , then if you’re feeling bored to playing PUBG Mobile too much and need other games like PUBG , stay tuned with this content . 

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter could be the best battle royale game after PUBG Mobile and Fortnite battle royale . The game concept is same as PUBG Mobile and a normal battle royale game . Drop from a air-jet get your gears, weapons and survive for last man-standing. 

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a classic battle royale game like PUBG . Concept are same as Battle royal games , dropped into a Map grab your gears and weapons or last man standing will win . The game graphics and elements are so close to PUBG . There is 120 players instead of 100 in game lobby .


Battlelands royale is different and unique than other battle royale games . It’s a basic and low graphics game. But there are same mode as other battle royale games , you can play solo , due and  squad. Select a location on map and game will redirect you with other 32 players. Battlelands camera perspective is different from other battle games , you can get only one perspective on over the head camera position . 

CrossFire: Legend 

It’s a era 100 players battle royale games , then comes another battle royale game called crossfire legend . It’s a very low graphics game for low mobile devices . You can play this game on solo , due and squad mode . 

Creative Destruction 

Creative Destruction is a survival battle royale game. If you finding fortnite battle royale mobile and you failed to get then here comes the creative destruction . It’s really similar to Fortnite mobile , gameplay and all the element , guns even movement are so similar to fortnite mobile .