2020 has arrived, and the best way to starts is starting with new games, so hi folks, it’s Adi today on down the top. I’m back with new games that you get to play in January 2020, so without further ado, let’s get started.

U92: Final Battle

It’s an online TPS game like battle royale similar to free fire and PUBG light. Still, the concept is different. You have to fight for diamonds and survive until you’re the last. The game starts with marking the location in the map, unlike jumping from the plane for the look perspective game looks damn good pretty looking vegetation effect. This game seems reasonable, particularly in the morning, of course, we’ve got to mention the zombie type thing often rolling around the maps. And they came after an enemy kills down overall games pretty good and might be devs add more exciting features and plans.

War Tortoise 2

It’s an offline Idol game. We have to capture the other territory and shoot down the other mighty war tortoise and bugs. Specifically, the graphics look pretty good. The game looks better mainly at night, and rain effects make it more impressive. Also, you can build your powerful army to fight against your enemy as well as defend the territory. The overall game is good and has unique the concept I think you guys should tried this game.

Taxi Sim 2020

We have a taxi sim 2020. It’s an online and offline taxi simulator game and would you have to roleplay the life of a taxi driver. Taxi sim is an open-world game and has damn good graphics as compared to previous versions of taxi simulator games. The game offers a multiplayer mode, and also you can play with your friends and show off your expensive taxi cars. The game environment effects are fantastic day and night system, and rain effect makes more realistic navigate around to huge cities like New York Miami Los Angeles and adjust your driving style to different types of clients.

Exile Survival

Exile survival it’s a hack and slashes action RPG game involves craft build and quests, and more critical. The game doesn’t include zombies game starts with the story mode where you play as a young barbarian and seek vengeance for his exile. The world of Exile survival is a unique mixture of contrasts bright colors and lush visuals go hand in hand with harsh action barbarian brutality and gore the further. You dig into the game the better you’ll feel the real game offers top-notch graphics and smooth control also impressive gameplay sound.

Call of Guns

I’m not talking about the call of duty. It’s the call of gun. This is a first person shooting game. Where you fight with NPCs on a detailed, reliable 3d map with a variety of weapons and armors, the game has three modes of deathmatch gun fighting, and last is a battle royale, which locks for some reason. Still, overall the day and night atmosphere and 3d visuals of the game are awesome. There are also a variety of characters and skin to play this game right now this game is only offline mode maybe online multiplayer feature comes soon.

Lumia saga

Lumia saga, this is a 3d open-world MMORPG game, will have three will to explore an open world with your friends. And the exciting fact that you can make to a friend to NPCs there are lots of islands in the game. And which are all full of monsters and monsters bosses we can go by ship you can free to build your personalized equipment and weaponry stuff as you’ll complete your quest your level of power also increases and you’ll be able to lock more and more stuff.

Dream League Soccer 2020

We have dream League Soccer 2020, game comes back again with new animations, and improved AI touch games revolutionized the most engaging football experience on mobile. Build your dream team from over 3500 FIFA Pro Licence players and take to the field against the world’s best two soccer clubs. Rise through eight divisions while enjoying full 3d motion-captured player moves immersive in-game commentary team customizations and much more. Also, customize your manager from a host of different options, including hairstyles and outfits along with new and improved graphics engine make Dream Team has never looked this good.

Project War Mobile

It’s an action online TPS and FPS game starting with story mode the game story mode is unique to shooters and tells of the zombie scum. And how they came to play the role of a seventh sanctum soldier as you unravel the mystery of the undead. Well, the graphics look damn good, and the controls are fantastic the story mode even includes its bosses whom you can defeat with the help of your friends now PvP style opened for ten players per room makes more attractive.