Apex Legends Solo Mode confirmed Next week

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Apex Legends Solo Mode

One of the most famous battle royale games is Apex Legend has one game mode for the squad with three players. Respawn Entertainment launch this game on February 2019. After launching the game, the player’s finding solo mode in apex legend. There are so many different types of player, who loves the game but want to play alone without any random players and want to be a solo legend. Respawn Entertainment reviews the request and decides to include the apex legends solo mode.

 Respawn Entertainment noticed other battle royale games like PlayersUnknown’s BattleGround, fortnite they give a chance to complete challenges and mission to players. Also, these games have a solo mode to battle with 99 unknown players. They will introduce the Iron Crown Collection event to get a chance to play solo matches for a limited time, and it’ll be 13/8 to 27/8. Also; this event brings some new items for solo mode and others.

  • News Source is TOI